Getting Started with the Create 3

Let's Set Up Your Robot


Step 1

To power your robot on, plug your charging dock in and place the robot on the dock. It may take your robot several minutes to charge.

Step 2

While charging, the Create® 3 Lightring will show a spinning, bright white light. When fully charged, the Lightring will show a solid, dim white glow in a complete circle.

Step 3

To ensure your robot is up to date, download the latest firmware package here:

Note: You will use this downloaded folder in Step 7.

Connect & Update Your Robot

Step 4

Remove your robot from the charging dock. Press and hold down buttons 1 & 2 to activate your robot's hotspot. When successful, your robot's Lightring will show a spinning blue light.

Step 5

Open your computer's wifi manager and connect to your Create 3 Robot as listed. Once connected, your robot's Lightring will show a solid cyan glow.

Note: This will disconnect your computer from the internet. DO NOT CLOSE THIS PAGE.

Step 6

Once connected to your robot via Wi-Fi hotspot, open a NEW browser window and navigate to:

Step 7

Navigate to the Update tab. Follow the steps on the Webserver page to upload the latest firmware package downloaded in Step 3.

  • Lightring spinning blue: Update in progress
  • Lightring solid cyan: Update complete

Step 8

After completing your update, navigate to the Connect tab. Write down the name you assign your robot. You will use this name to open the Webserver in the future.

Step 9

Follow the steps on the Connect tab to connect your robot to Wi-Fi.

  • Lightring spinning blue: Connecting in progress
  • Lightring solid green: Connection complete
  • Lightring solid white: Robot connected to Wi-Fi
See below for Lightring error messages

Lightring Error Messages

Hotspot active OR provisioning in process

Internal robot error, reboot and try again

Provisioning failed

Incorrect password

STA was found the AP but can't complete association with the AP

DHCP failed to obtain a valid IP address within the defined period

How to Re-Open the Web Server After Connecting

Option A: Open a web browser and navigate to https://[YourRobot'sNameFromStep8].local

Option B: Open a web browser and navigate to [YourRobot'sIPAddress]. See below for help finding IP address*

Option C: Repeat Step 4 to re-activate your robot's hotspot.

Finding Your Robot's IP Address:

1. Repeat Step 4 to activate your robot's Wi-Fi hotspot

2. Open the "Connect" Tab. Your robot's IP address is listed at the top.