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Create 3 + Web Playground for Python

Experience Level




5-10 minutes

Group Size


Small Groups (2-4)

Compatible Robots



You can connect to the Create 3 Educational Robot via Bluetooth and run your first program in a browser through the Python Web Playground. Follow the instructions to connect, run and explore!

Downloads & Resources

Python Web Playground First Project Run Your First Python Web Playground Project with Create 3 Python Web Playground Link

Coding The First Project - Python Web Playground

Important Note: If running multiple Create robots, complete all of the steps below for one robot at a time to avoid connection errors.

You’ll Need:

Step 1

Confirm that your computer’s Bluetooth™ setting is “on.”

Step 2

Power on your robot. Wait for your robot to fully boot up and play its “Happy Sound” before proceeding.

Step 3 (Create 3 Only)

Confirm that your robot is in Bluetooth Mode. You can check this by looking for a blue light glowing through the faceplate on the back-right side of your robot. If no blue light is glowing, remove the faceplate and manually set the switch on the Adaptor Board to the Bluetooth logo on the right.

Step 4

Open Google Chrome in a new window and navigate to python.irobot.com.

Step 5

Click on the Connect button to open the Google Chrome Bluetooth manager. Your robot should appear in the device menu after ~30 seconds under its default device name, or as “Unsupported Device.” Select the robot’s name and click the Pair button.

Step 6

Press play to run the example code project. Try pressing your robot’s bumpers. When you press on the right side of the bumper, your robot’s Ring Light should glow yellow and the robot should begin to spin clockwise. What happens when you press on the left side?

Step 7

Congratulations, you have run your first python web program! To go further, explore our example code snippets and the Python Web Playground glossary to learn more about all of the available commands. Happy Coding!

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