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Root Coding Robots

Engage learners with innovation and creativity through real-world coding experiences designed for all skill-levels.

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Fits into Any Learning Environment

Distance Learning

The Root® coding robot’s companion iRobot® Coding app is designed for coding, exploring and learning at home! When the time comes, students will be able to continue their learning in the classroom with their real Root® coding robots.

Hybrid Learning

Making it easy to bring classroom learning into the home, students can access the iRobot® Coding app at home to practice their coding skills before returning to the classroom and sharing their discoveries (while physically distanced!)

In-Person Learning

Abide by social distancing guidelines by dividing students into small groups with a shared robot. Students can work on their individual devices before connecting with the robot and taking turns watching their code come to life!

Advances with You

Featuring three progressive Learning Levels, the Root Coding Robot's companion iRobot Coding App provides a personalized coding experience designed to continually evolve with your skills.

Graphical Coding

Use drag-and-drop, graphical blocks to teach the fundamental logic skills of coding. No reading skills required!

Hybrid Coding

Build coding fluency by introducing hybrid blocks that feature a mix of graphics and coding script.

Full-Text Coding

Use full-text code to teach the structure and syntax of professional coding languages, including Python.

How You Can Get Started

Start Creating

Try out the iRobot Coding app right here, right now and let your creative side shine!

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Explore Activities

Discover hours of free and premium coding and STEM tutorials, projects and activities in our Learning Library.

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Bring Code to Life

Engage learners with innovation and creativity through interactive, hands-on experiences with coding robots.

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