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Block-to-Text Coding that Gets Anyone Coding

A coding journey powered by robots, the iRobot Coding App invites experimentation and creativity into learning to code.

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Tap to transition from block-to-text coding

Graphical blocks

Start with simple drag-and-drop, graphical blocks that teach the fundamental logic skills of coding—no reading skills required.

Hybrid blocks

Easily tap to transition your code into hybrid blocks, which help build coding fluency by featuring a mix of graphics and coding script.

Full-text blocks

Get ready for text-based coding with full-text blocks, which teach the structure and syntax of professional coding languages—including Python.

Available across different devices

(Supports Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, Android)










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Projects to help you get started...

No Experience Required

Getting Started with the iRobot® Coding App

Welcome to the iRobot® Coding App! Explore these resources to start coding in the 3D simulator, connect your robot, and manage coding projects!




No Experience Required

Getting Started with the Root® robot

Use these resources to get started with the Root® Coding Robot!




Draw a Spaceship

Code a spaceship that's out of this world!

Grades 1-3

Grades 3-5

Simulator Code Break

Solve the puzzles in this activity packet to unlock Root’s secret message!





Hear what others have to say

Litchfield School District

“We needed to ensure that every student found value and meaning in what they were learning, that they could see themselves growing with the technology. Finding a tool that could captivate a third grader and simultaneously intrigue an eighth-grader was like finding a needle in a haystack.”

—Robin C. Litchfield, NH.

Southern Tioga School District

"Having the hardware and software, but with the realistic 3D simulator, they're not dependent on each other. Being able to use it with or without the physical robot, the iRobot Coding App just seems like the most complete package that's out there for teachers."

—Rachel S. Blossburg, PA.

Hyde Park Day School

"The decision to go with the iRobot Coding App was driven by its adaptability to different learning stages and its seamless integration with our existing curriculum. The potential of this tool goes beyond just coding. We're exploring ways to integrate it into math, science, and even language arts."

—Jen G. Chicago, IL.

Connect and control real robots

Root® Lite Coding Robot

Providing a balance of value and utility, the Root Lite empowers interactive, progressive learn-to-code experiences that cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Program your Root Lite robots to drive, draw, light-up, play music, react to changes in their environment, and more!

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Root® Pro Coding Robot

Packed with more premium features, the Root Pro provides the ultimate interactive coding experience. From navigating flat, horizontal surfaces to vertical, magnetic whiteboards, the Root Pro makes the most of your space while also defying gravity. Comes equipped with a color sensor and eraser for more ways to take STEM learning to the next level!

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