Create 3 Robot

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I purchase a Create 3?

Create 3 will be available for purchase in April 2022.

What is the iRobot Create 3 robot?

The Create 3 robot is a programmable robot based on the iRobot Roomba i3 vacuum robot.
Users can program it using ROS 2, the iRobot Coding app, or the iRobot Python SDK.There have been three versions of Create:

  • iRobot Create, released in 2007. This robot was based on the Roomba Discovery series robots. It is all-white.
  • iRobot Create 2, released in 2014. This robot is based on the Roomba 650 robot and includes a green faceplate marked with safe places to drill into the robot to mount additional hardware.
  • iRobot Create 3, released in 2022. This robot is based on the Roomba i3 robot and includes a translucent black faceplate and custom payload bay with holes for mounting.

What age is the Create 3 robot intended for?

The Create 3 is an affordable STEM resource for educators, students and developers. It is an advanced platform intended for high school, college, and lifelong learners.

How do I know if the Create 3 is right for me/my students?

The Create 3 is intended for upper high school students, college students, or lifelong learners. Create 3 works out of the box with iRobot Coding (Bluetooth LE) or as a node in a ROS 2 graph over Wi-Fi or via its USB-C host port. Lower grades or those starting in coding might also be interested in our Root Coding Robot.

Where can I get started with the Create 3 programming material?

We are currently working to develop Create 3 project guides for iRobot Coding, Python 3 and ROS 2. While these guides are in development, we invite you to explore the Create 3 GitHub discussion forum and request specific materials in the 'Ideas' section.

Can I turn my Create 3 robot into a vacuum?

The Create 3 robot is based on the Roomba i3 platform but does not include support for Roomba brushes, rollers, or vacuum motors. The bottom plastics and software are completely different than what is on a Roomba i-series robot, and the robot will not connect to the iRobot Home application.

What kind of warranty comes with the Create 3?

Due to the unique nature of this product, and that most users will alter the product or dismantle it, iRobot will not warrant the product beyond the manufacturing defects and workmanship experienced when first encountering this product upon delivery in the original packaging. You can read the full limited warranty here.

Is there an educator discount for the Create 3?

Yes. You will be able to apply for an educator discount code in April 2022. Discounts will be for students and educators only, and ONLY valid on the Create 3 platform.

I have a Roomba i3 series robot, can I just use that?

No, the i3 robot does not support ROS 2 or iRobot Coding.

I am familiar with Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, or other embedded computers; can I use them with the Create 3?

Yes! Create 3 works out of the box with many embedded computers. They can be connected over a wireless link; if a wired link is required, an appropriate USB cable will need to be purchased. The robot provides a USB C host port and access to raw battery voltage. A guide to Create 3 Hookup Examples can be found here.

Which programming platforms are compatible with Create 3?

Create 3 can be controlled by the iRobot Coding App, our web-based Python 3 Playground, the iRobot Python 3 SDK for Education, and ROS 2.

How do you power the Create 3 on/off and enter low power mode?

To power your robot on, plug your charging dock in and place the robot on the dock.

Power On Create 3

To power your robot off, press and hold the center button for seven (7) seconds. Its light ring will flash bright white three (3) times and then play the "power down" jingle.

Power Down Create 3

To send Create 3 into Low Power Mode, press and hold Button 1 for ten (10) seconds. When in low power mode, your robot will keep its payload power alive and will be able to charge, but will not respond to Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. To exit Low Power Mode, press and hold the center button for one (1) second.

Low Power Mode Create 3

Note: Low power mode is not intended for long-term storage.

How do I remove the Create 3 faceplate?

Faceplate Removal Instruction Video

To remove the Create 3 faceplate, place your thumbs on the turn tabs as shown in the diagram below. Apply pressure in a counter-clockwise direction.

To replace, lightly position the faceplate rotated approximately ten (10) degrees off-center, as shown in the diagram (do not apply downward force). Place your thumbs on the turn tabs and apply pressure in a clockwise direction. You should feel the faceplate 'click' into place when centered.

Remove faceplate

Can I connect multiple Create 3 robots onto the same network?

Multiple Create 3 robots in the same room are able to connect via Bluetooth™ to devices running the iRobot Coding App, Web-Based Python 3 Playground, or the iRobot Python 3 SDK for Education out of the box, without any additional configuration.

When controlling multiple Create 3 robots on the same network with ROS 2, additional configuration is required. Follow our Multi-Robot Setup Guide here.

What are the different Create 3 light ring messages?

Read about Create 3 light ring messages here: https://iroboteducation.github...

How can I connect my robot to the internet?

You can find our Provisioning Guide here.

I am having connection issues with my robot.

First, check which connection mode is selected on your Adapter Board. To access your adaptor board, remove the robot's faceplate.

Your Adapter Board is located underneath the faceplate on the right side of the robot (as shown in the diagram below).

The Adapter Board's communication switch can be toggled between Bluetooth™ and USB/Wi-Fi mode.

You can follow more detailed connection instructions here: https://iroboteducation.github...

Please note that using a VPN may disrupt the ROS 2 communication.