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iRobot™ Education | Adventure Pack: Coding with Soccer

The activities listed on this page are designed to accompany the iRobot™ Education Coding with Soccer Adventure Pack.

Gold Medal Games

Put your skills to the test! Code up and down the field to try and make some goals for your team! Good luck super stars!

Shinguard Shuffle

What's a soccer player without their shinguards? Use this paper engineering activity to build a bulldozer attachment for the Root Coding Robot so it can push a ball across the field!

World Cup

This defense is tough! Code the Root Coding Robot to navigate down the field. Bump into defenders and watch your Root make a decision to move right or left. Can Root make it to the net without going out of bounds?

Pass the Play

Coding requires teamwork! Use the upload and download feature to pass each play amongst your team to help the Root Coding Robot reach the goal line!

Field Strategy

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense! In this activity, 2 teams go head-to-head in an epic soccer battle, anticipating each other's moves and racing to score!

Coding with Soccer Simulator Backgrounds

Take your adventure anywhere with our virtual simulator backgrounds!

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