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iRobot™ Education | Adventure Pack: Coding in a Winter Wonderland

The activities listed on this page are designed to accompany the iRobot™ Education Winter Wonderland Adventure Pack.

Coding in a Winter Wonderland Activity Pack

Download all Coding in a Winter Wonderland activities here!

Holiday Sweater

Cozy up as you navigate this Winter Wonderland with a custom holiday sweater! Use the template to create your own and ensure Root is looking fresh and festive!

Snowy Safari

Spread some winter cheer as you navigate the community! In this “code-your-own-adventure" game, practice your programming skills by drawing cards and sending your robot all across this Winter Wonderland!

If Winter, Then Wonder!

Complete the Adventure Mat by adding some clings to the scene! Use IF/THEN logic to determine the new location for each cling.

Marshmallow Sweep

Expand your reach in this engineering challenge! There has been a marshmallow meltdown, resulting in marshmallows all across town! Design an attachment for Root’s marker holder that can sweep up marshmallows to bring back to the hot cocoa station. Want to add your own ‘mallows to the mix? Follow the instructions to build your own origami marshmallow!

Up in the Cloud

There’s snow place like home! Travel all around your Winter Wonderland Adventure Mat with the Root Coding Robot! Download the coding challenges and help the Root complete each task.

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