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iRobot™ Education | Adventure Pack: Coding with Soccer

The activities listed on this page are designed to accompany the iRobot™ Education Coding with Soccer Adventure Pack.

Coding with Soccer Activity Pack

Download all Coding with Soccer activities here!

Printable Jerseys

Shoot and score with your Root Coding Robot! Use this template to design your own custom soccer jersey and prepare for practice!

Obstacle Course

Build your coding agility! Help the Root Coding Robot navigate down the field by weaving in and out of the cones!

Secret Plays

Ready to score with code and color? Make turns based on what color the Root Coding Robot sees. Plan out each play to keep your Root moving along the path to the goal!

Jersey Guess

Can you guess the secret jersey number? Transform the Root Coding Robot into a counting machine in this Level 2 game! Try and identify the correct number in the least amount of guesses! Play against the simulator or with another teammate!

Capture the Flag

Combine communication with coding in this epic game of Capture the Flag! Coaches and Players will work together to reach the other team’s flag. Who can find it first?

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