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iRobot™ Education | Adventure Pack: Coding Your Home

The activities listed on this page are designed to accompany the iRobot™ Education Coding Your Home Adventure Pack.


Mood Lighting

In this activity, you’ll learn how we create new light colors by mixing red, green and blue light!

Custom Doorbell Ring

Transform your robot into a musical doorbell.

Sensor Seeker

In this multi-player game, navigate your robot around the adventure mat looking for hidden smart sensors!

3D Floorplan

Build a 3D walls on top of your Adventure Mat to create an autonomous cleaning robot.


Up in the Cloud(s)

Create a smart home integration for the Root Coding Robot.

Coding Your Home: Educator Resources

Looking to design your own activities? Download a collection of this Adventure Pack’s artwork files to create your own worksheets and activity guides.

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