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iRobot™ Education | Adventure Pack: Coding in Outer Space

The activities listed on this page are designed to accompany the iRobot™ Education Coding in Outer Space Adventure Pack.

Space Craft-ing

Engineer a space craft attachment for the Root® Coding Robot! Design your own custom bulldozer for galactic adventures.

Radar Repair

Uncover the hidden secrets in space while fixing your ship’s radar system! Play with a partner to hide special space landmarks. Use code and coordinates to discover all landmarks before your partner identifies yours!

Galaxy Mazes

Ready to navigate space with code and color? Make turns based on what color the Root Coding Robot sees. Plan out each turn to keep your Root moving along the path to the final destination!

Code Constellations

Chart the skies with code and coordinates! Help the Root Coding Robot discover the hidden constellations as you navigate the galaxy. Code your own star story with coordinates to share with other space travelers!

Solar Arcs & Orbit

Send the Root Coding Robot into orbit as you map out the solar system with code! Learn about Arc Blocks as you draw each planet’s rotation around the sun!

Coding in Space Simulator Backgrounds

Take your adventure anywhere with our virtual simulator backgrounds!

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