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Celebrate the Hour of Code 2022

Welcome to Computer Science Education Week 2022!

The Hour of Code (hosted by Code.Org) takes place every year during Computer Science Education Week, in which the education community celebrates the accomplishments of two of the world's first computer programmers: Admiral Grace Hopper and Lady Ada Lovelace.

To honor these coding heroes, we have selected a few of our favorite lessons for you to try. Check them out below, or explore our Learning Library for more!

DIY Coding Parties & Competitions

Celebrate coding in your learning community with these ready-to-go downloadable event and competition kits!

No Experience Required

STEM Engagement Challenge: Pizza Party

Looking to make coding a collaborative, social and super fun experience at your school? In these out-of-the-box event kits, find all the tools you'll need to host the perfect family coding challenge. At the iRobot Pizza Party, families come together to share a meal and code robots to complete challenges designed for both beginners and advanced coders alike.




Social Emotional Learning

No Experience Required

STEM Engagement Challenge: Winter Wonderland

Code your way through the winter season with our family engagement challenge! Download our FREE event kit to host your own Winter Wonderland adventure. From ice skating shapes to community snow routes, learn to code with snowy challenges for all skill levels!