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Arriving in April 2022.

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Introducing the Create 3 Educational Robot

The next generation of iRobot's affordable, trusted, all-in-one mobile robot development platform. For advanced makers learning ROS 2.

A buildable, mobile robotics platform

Tackle robotics projects with an affordable, trusted mobile robot development platform that features a buildable design to mount additional hardware.

Begin with basic behaviors

Grasp the fundamentals of robotics, computer science, and engineering by programming the Create® 3 to perform simple behaviors, sounds, and movements.

Evolve to advanced robotics applications

Tap into advanced applications including multi-robot exploration, navigation and mapping technology, and telepresence capabilities. Additional hardware not included.

Your Canvas to Create without Restraint

Arriving equipped with our smartest technology yet, the Create 3 educational robot offers a full suite of modules, sensors, LED lights, wheels, and behaviors to fuel robotics exploration.


Operational out of the box, you can communicate with the Create 3 Educational Robot using Wi-Fi, Ethernet over USB, or Bluetooth® Low Energy technology. The Create® 3 educational robot will support learning with ROS 2, iRobot Education's SDK for Python 3, or the iRobot® Coding App.

Connect & Store

Using the Create® 3 Educational Robot's built-in USB-C™ port, you can attach and run third-party hardware—and use the cargo bay for storage.

Build & Expand

The Create® 3 Educational Robot's top faceplate is easily removable, can be locked in place with a single screw, and features a standard hole pattern for mounting LiDAR scanners, camera modules, and other sensors.

Dock & Charge

Send the Create® 3 Educational Robot back to its Home Base® charging station to dock and charge.

Learn & Explore

Explore the iRobot Education learning library for sample projects involving the Create® 3 Educational Robot, or venture into expansive, online open source databases for access to software packages and libraries in ROS 2.

How You Can Get Started Now

Use the Create 3 Sim

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View Custom ROS 2 Messages

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View Example Nodes

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What's in the Box?

iRobot's Create® educational robot is getting its biggest upgrade ever. Now with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. For $299.

1x Create® 3 Educational Robot

1x 26 Wh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

1x Home Base® Charging Station

Coming in April 2022

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