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Create 2 Robot

Your robotics mobility platform, providing you a real robotic system to help build your creation.

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The Create® 2 is an affordable STEM resource for educators, students and developers. Use Create® to grasp robotics, computer science and engineering concepts. Intended for High School and College students or those with serial programming experience.

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Tech Specs

  • Serial cable sends commands from a computer or other microcontroller to the robot.
  • Preprogrammed behaviors can be controlled via Open Interface Commands.
  • Built-in sensors allow the robot to react to its environment.
  • Drill template on faceplate shows safe drilling areas. Removing the faceplate exposes the serial port.
  • Robot returns to Home Base to dock and recharge. Rechargeable battery charges in three hours.
  • Compatible with Roomb 600 Series accessories including batteries, + Home Base®, remote control and Virtual Wall®

Getting Started with Create 2

What's in the Box


Communication Cable


Home Base

Project Examples

Intergalactic Symphony

Program a robot to play music from one of your favorite space movies? With the help of Python (and maybe the force) you to can have your own robot symphony!

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Python Driving

With Python and your USB to Serial Cable, you can control and drive your Create® 2.

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Charging your phone through the Create® 2

You can charge your phone through the serial port! Remember the Pokémon™ Go App and hatching eggs? We designed this cheat so the iRobot Create® 2 can aid in hatching your Pokémon™ Go eggs.

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What You’ll Need

Creativity & Patience

Computing power

Familiarity with base 16

Entry-Level knowledge of Python/Javascript

Getting Started with Create 2 Unit

Take it Further

Add a camera

3D Print a brick top or storage bin

Use the community at Robot Stack Exchange

New Create 3

The Create® 3 educational robot is an affordable STEM resource for educators, students and developers.

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