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Bridge the school-to-home gap this summer with iRobot Education’s Root® Lite Coding Your Home Bundles.

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Root Coding Robots

Put your code on display with the Root® coding robots, interactive coding companions designed to advance with you.

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Create 3 Educational Robot

Introducing our new mobile robot development platform for learning ROS 2.

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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Whether a parent, student or maker, discover the resources you need.


Exploring tools, planning lessons or training staff? We're here to help.


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Our Learning Tools

Providing educators, students and communities with a repository of tools to support 21st-century learning.

Root Robot

Connect classroom learning with the real-world using the Root coding robot.

New! Create 3 Robot

Progress with a powerful, affordable robot platform built for learning ROS 2.

iRobot Coding

Learn to code with the experts using three (3) developmental Learning Levels.

Learning Library

Discover hours of activities, from lessons to ready-to-go code and beyond.

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iRobot™ Education Overview

Who We Are

iRobot Education brings together all of iRobot's educational robots, resources and programming to provide educators, students and communities with a repository of tools to support 21st-century learning.

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Our Philosophy

Leveraging over 30 years of industry expertise as the leading global consumer robot company, our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators through our versatile robots, proprietary coding platform, learning library and STEM outreach program.

Find the Right Learning Tool for You

Preparing Children for the Future

Spark engagement and creativity by using robots to connect classroom learning with the real world. Use robot SimBots to guide students through coding activities in virtual arenas, or connect with real robots to bring code to life – no experience required. The best part about learning with robots? Seeing all you can do with them.

What We Offer