Root Coding Robots

Engage learners with innovation and creativity through real-world coding experiences designed for all skill-levels.

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What You Can Do With the Root Coding Robots

Explore Code, while Unleashing Creativity

Bringing code to life through art, music and hands-on activities, the Root® coding robot delivers a revolutionary, real-world coding experience suitable for any expertise, from pre-readers to advanced coders.

Follow Lessons or Create Your Own Journey

From free tutorials to ready-to-go code and beyond, you can choose to follow the coding curriculum or create your own coding adventure with Root® coding robots.

Root rt0

This smart robot appeals to children and families of all interests by bringing coding to life.

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Root rt1

Adopted by schools and robotics clubs, the rt1 includes premium features designed for classrooms.

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Control Your Root robot with the iRobot Coding App

Featuring three progressive Learning Levels, the iRobot® Coding app provides a personalized coding experience designed to continually evolve with your skills.

Graphical Coding

Use drag-and-drop, graphical blocks to teach the fundamental logic skills of coding. No reading skills required!

Hybrid Coding

Build coding fluency by introducing hybrid blocks that feature a mix of graphics and coding script.

Full-Text Coding

Use full-text code to teach the structure and syntax of professional coding languages.