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Getting Started with the Root Coding Robot

Activities within this unit include:

  1. Getting Started with Root: An overview of the Root Coding Robot's pieces, as well as instructions for how to connect and open the iRobot Coding App.
  2. Level 1 Coding Basics: An interactive iRobot Coding coding instruction activity
  3. Mini-Golf: Practice your newest iRobot Coding skills in this series of puzzles
  4. Code a Letter Challenge: Practice basic coding and geometry to code your robot to write letters and words!

Grades 1-3

Grades 3-5

Coding Communication Challenge

In this coding challenge, students will practice collaboration and communication skills in order to conquer a robot obstacle course while maintaining a safe distance.

Coding ,

Robotics ,

Social Emotional Learning

Collect the Coins Challenge

Turn Root into a Touchbot to complete the challenge!


Use Root's touch sensors to create a robot controlled by tapping on its top!

Bumper Bot Challenge

Code Root to bump through the course to collect all the coins!

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