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Note Length Races


Experience Level

Grades 1-3


15-30 minutes

Group Size


Small Groups (2-4)

Compatible Robots

Root rt0 Coding Robot

Root rt1 Coding Robot


Challenge students to write a program that turns Root’s wheels on for an entire duration of a note.

Downloads & Resources

Music Note Length Race Lesson Plan

Teacher Prep

Download and cut out the Note Length Races game cards

Create a start and finish line on your whiteboard or another smooth, flat surface.

With the Class

Ask students to build the program to the right. This program turns Root’s wheels on for the duration for the different notes.

Ask students to draw music notes on top of Root (as pictured to the right) with a dry erase marker.

Divide the class into teams and provide each team with a Root, a device running the iRobot Codescape, and a deck of the Note Length Race game cards.

Educational Standards

CSTA K-12 CS Standards


Model daily processes by creating and following algorithms (sets of step-by-step instructions) to complete tasks.


Model the way programs store and manipulate data by using numbers or other symbols to represent information.


Develop programs with sequences and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.


Create programs that include sequences, events, loops, and conditionals.