Webinar: STEM Meets SEL

September 16, 2020 | By iRobot Education

STEM Meets SEL: How Coding and Robotics Can Enhance Students' Social-Emotional Development

Are you a parent or educator striving to raise well-rounded, socially-conscious, problem-solving students?

iRobot Education believes learning to code prepares students for the future, but it doesn’t stop there! Coding education can also promote powerful social-emotional skills like self-regulation, empathy, awareness, collaboration and more.

Curious how you can improve students’ social skills using robotics and coding? Join us for our next installment of our Learning Design Webinar Series, happening on Thursday, September 24th at 4pm (ET)!

In this interactive session, we will explore simple, practical coding activities that celebrate communication and emotional development in the classroom AND at the kitchen table.

Participants will:

As we all continue to navigate remote, hybrid, and in-person learning experiences, find ways to celebrate coding and foster social engagement in your classroom or at home with your family.

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