Webinar: Teaching Coding When You Don't Know How to Code

August 17, 2020 | By iRobot Education

In the next installment of our Learning Design Webinar Series on Thursday, August 20 at 7pm (ET), the iRobot Education team will talk about how to teach coding when you don't know how to code!

In this interactive session, we’ll explore practical tips and tricks about how to get started no matter whether you’re coding in your classroom or at your kitchen table. Expand your coding confidence as we explore the learning levels in the iRobot Coding Interface designed to meet learners where they are. If you’ve never coded before, you’ll walk away with your first coding project as well as ready-to-go coding resources and activities.

You will...

As we continue to navigate remote, hybrid and in-person learning experiences, find ways to not only introduce, but celebrate coding in your classroom or with your family. Register now!