Celebrating iRobot Education Ambassadors!

July 20, 2021 | By iRobot Education

Celebrating iRobot Education Ambassadors!

iRobot Education Ambassador badges

Each year, iRobot Education partners with educators from across the United States to work closely with our team. The iRobot Education Ambassador Program is fueled by incredible educators who are passionate about integrating technology into their learning communities, fiercely creative and collaborative, and driven by curiosity. Each Ambassador brings unique insight and experience and keeps our team aligned with the needs and expectations of students and educators. We are deeply inspired by the creative ways educators embrace and embed iRobot Education tools into their classrooms.

The educators in the 2020-2021 cohort are champions of creativity, resilience, reflection, and playful curiosity. They invited the Root Coding Robot into their virtual and physical classrooms, coded and debugged programs on the iRobot Coding App, and play-tested a myriad of activities in the Learning Library.

This year, iRobot Education Ambassadors:

What does it mean to be an iRobot Education Ambassador?

Thank You, Teachers!
We appreciate our educators! Thanks for a wonderful year together!

We seek out educators who are committed to making a difference with their students by cultivating curiosity and collaboration in their learning communities. iRobot Education Ambassadors provide feedback on new products as well as beta test pre-released content and activities. They are conscious contributors to community and embody lifelong learning.

iRobot Education Ambassadors receive:

Explore some Ambassador projects!

Butterfly Wings with Root

Leveraging the marker holder, print and prototype pieces that move and recreate the flutter of a butterfly wing!

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Code a Derby Jersey

These students took the Root Coding Robot to the races by designing a jockey jersey with code.

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Costumes and Code

Customize your robot with different costumes. Costumes provide another opportunity for cross-curricular activities. Check out all costumes in the Learning Library!

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Coded Cards

Celebrate with code! Students created custom birthday cards with the simulator in the iRobot® Coding App.

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Robot Rescue

“We had a power outage this week and had to teach the whole day without electricity. Lucky for me I had the Roots charged as well as tablets. Because they only needed Bluetooth we were able to make the best of things and have a dance party.”

Robo Snow Plows

With a 3D printed bulldozer attachment, these students were able to stay cool with code as they cleared their snowy classroom floor!

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Storytelling Superpowers

Inspired by the iRobot Education Code Break Series, students created their own! They wrote stories about their superpowers and hid the download codes in their writing. Then, they coded amazing illustrations to complement their stories. This powerful project won second place in a statewide competition for digital storytelling!

Battle of the Bots

Students put their engineering skills to the test by building atop the Root Coding Robot with the Bricktop attachment. Teams coded their bots to bump and spin into each other to try and be the last bot standing!

Letter Writing Challenge

Can you code your robot to draw letters? These students took on the challenge to code the first letter of their name!