Learning Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access the learning library?

You can access the learning library and its content at edu.irobot.com/learning-library

How do I search the learning library?

To search the learning library, visit its home page and then click on the magnifying glass icon. This will expand the search bar so that you can search through all of the lessons and activities available.

What filter options are available in the learning library?

You are able to filter through the activities by subject, grade, robot type and subscription type.

Can I use learning library activities if I do not have a physical robot?

Yes! To discover activities that do not require a physical robot we recommend that you filter activities by either the unplugged option or SimBot option. Filtering by the unplugged option will provide activities for an entirely offline experience, while filtering activities by the SimBot option will reveal those that can be completed using iRobot Coding's virtual arenas.

To find these filters, please visit the learning library's home page and click on the Robots category, then select either the Unplugged option or the SimBot option.

How do I get access to premium content in the learning library?

To gain access to premium content, you must first purchase a subscription.

What does premium content include?

Premium content includes activity cards, BETA projects and lesson plans modeled after educational coding standards.

How do I find out what educational standards an activity is aligned to?

Standards-alignment information can be found by scrolling down on each activity page until you reach a section labeled 'Educational Standards'. You may click on the titles of each of these standards to read their overview. Please note: Not all activities will be aligned with educational standards.

Can my program/organization use your Learning Library materials for educational purposes?

At the present time, iRobot does not object to the usage of our free Learning Library materials for educational purposes.

Usage of iRobot’s free educational material(s) should not be given such prominence as to indicate sponsorship by iRobot. A disclaimer and notice must appear indicating that the copyrights are owned by iRobot.

An appropriate disclaimer is: “Please understand that iRobot®, Root® and Create® are registered trademarks of iRobot Corporation which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse the content or other information provided by our website, program and/or organization”.