Create 2 Robot

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iRobot Create 2 robot?

The Create 2 robot is a programmable robot based on the iRobot Roomba vacuum robot.

Users can program it using the Create 2 Open Interface.

There have been two versions of Create:

  • iRobot Create, released in 2007. This robot was based on the Roomba Discovery series robots. It is all-white.
  • iRobot Create 2, released in 2014. This robot is based on the Roomba 650 robot and includes a green faceplate marked with safe places to drill into the robot to mount additional hardware.

What age is the Create 2 robot intended for?

The Create 2 is an affordable STEM resource for educators, students and developers. It is an advanced platform intended for high school and college students, or those with serial programming experience.

How do I know if the Create 2 is right for me/my students?

The Create 2 is intended for upper High School and College students or those with serial programming experience. While the Create 2 does work out of the box, this is a robotics platformintended for advanced students. Lower grades or those starting in coding should check out our Root Coding Robot.

Where can I get started with the Create 2 programming material?

A great place to get started with Create 2 is looking through the onboarding lessons in the Learning Library. We also recommend leveraging the community at Robot Stack Exchange.

Can I turn my Create 2 robot into a vacuum?

The Create 2 robot is made from a refurbished Roomba® 600 series robot, with the intention to provide you a programmable platform. While the vacuum motor remains in the robot (and is accessible for your programable projects) the robot has most of the cleaning head removed, making it incompatible for cleaning.

What kind of warranty comes with the Create 2?

Create 2 is a remanufactured Roomba® robot. Due to the unique nature of this product, and that most users will alter the product or dismantle it, iRobot will not warrant the product beyond the manufacturing defects and workmanship experienced when first encountering this product upon delivery in the original packaging. You can read the full limited warranty here.

Is there an educator discount for the Create 2?

Yes. You can request a discount code by visiting the form located here. Discounts are for students and educators only, and ONLY valid on the Create 2 platform.

I have a Roomba 600 series robot, can I just use that?

Yes. You will just need a USB to serial cable to send your commands. You can purchase a cable here.

I am familiar with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other microcomputers; can I use them with the Create 2?

Yes! The Create 2 works out of the box with the included USB to serial cable for Raspberry Pi and also can be controlled using an Arduino's TTL-level serial port. We have seen lots of cool Create 2 projects that take advantage of an added Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other microcomputer, particularly to add onboard computing power or connectivity.